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June 2004Saiful brings out the best of SPK-Sentosa

7th June, 2004, The STAR : Biz

For a number of years, SPK-Sentosa has gone unnoticed by the investment community. But with a new substantial shareholder at holding company Sharikat Permodalan Kebangsaan Bhd, the company has plans to shed that image and shift to higher gear. Managing Director Saiful Aznir Shahabudin spoke to senior writer HASNI MOHD NASIR on the company’s journey to success.

STARBIZ: What were your areas of focus when you took over as managing director two years ago?

Saiful: We decided to focus on the company’s strength to bring the best out of it. We took out the construction assets of SPKB and put them under SPK-Sentosa. Our objective is for SPK-Sentosa to get the direct benefits from any construction and development projects of SPKB.

StarBiz: After the restructuring was completed. What’s next?

Saiful: We roped in the best people from each of the industries to head the key positions in the company. These people have proven track records, and they have managed to repeat their success in our company. For instance, our construction people have been able to deliver their projects ahead of schedule with excellent quality. This gives us the track record to secure more projects in future.

StarBiz: What sort of construction project is SPK-Sentosa concentrating on?

Saiful: We focus on large-scale building projects that require a certain degree of expertise like hospitals. The Temerloh hospital project we are doing now is already 65% completed despite a 30-month accelerated schedule from the normal 40 months. We have submitted proposals for more hospital projects locally and are preparing for similar proposals overseas.

StarBiz: How do you motivate people to deliver in a short span of time?

Saiful:We have put into place world-class processes based on established best practices to nurture growth into the future. This includes the implementation of a rigorous target setting and performance management process based on the balanced scorecard methodology, institutionalising a strategy review and business planning process, enhancing management information systems to track key performance indicators as set out in the business plan and business scorecard. And on top of that, we reward our people accordingly.

StarBiz:What is your strategy for future growth?

Saiful: For the construction division, the key guidepost will be to diversify our order book to encompass Government, private sector and international contracts while taking advantage of the group’s landbank and to undertake more of the construction activities for the property development division, SPK Homes.

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