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Gen. Tan Sri Yaacob bin Mat Zain (R) was appointed to the Board of Directors of SPK on 11 November 1997 and is the Chairman of SPK. He was the Chief of Defense Staff of the Malaysian Armed Forces, prior to his retirement in June 1993.

During his illustrious career in the Armed Forces, Tan Sri Yaacob held numerous pivotal positions which include Divisional Commander, Director of Military Intelligence, Deputy Chief and subsequently Chief of Army. He attended courses at the Australian Army General Command and Staff College, the United States Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, the Royal College of Defence Studies in United Kingdom, and Harvard Business School in United States of America.

For his services in the Malaysian Armed Forces, Tan Sri Yaacob was awarded the Panglima Gagah Angkatan Tentera, Panglima Mangku Negara, Panglima Setia Mahkota, Seri Paduka Kesatria Mahkota Kelantan, Seri Pahlawan Taming Sari and Dato' Setia Diraja Kedah.

Ir. Dr. Azman bin Ahmad was appointed to the Board of Directors of SPK on 20 June 2002 and is currently the Executive Vice Chairman of SPK. He is a qualified civil engineer, with a Degree in Civil Engineering (Honours) from the University of Adelaide, Australia and a Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering from the University of Malaya.

He has over 40 years of experience in the corporate and construction industry. Ir. Dr. Azman Ahmad also sits on the Board of several companies within the SPKB Group and other private companies.

Lt. Gen. Datuk Md. Hanif Bin Hj Darimi, RMAF (R) was appointed to the Board  of Directors of SPK on 10 August 2010. He was the Air Operations Commander, a 3 Star General in the Royal Malaysian Airforce ("RMAF"), prior to his retirement in 2007.

He joined the RMAF in 1972 as a Commissioned Officer and successfully graduated  as a qualified pilot. He spent most of his operational flying duties flying the Malaysian
Government Executive Jets transporting the VVIPs/ VIPs. A Qualified Flying Instructor,  with the highest "A" category awarded to him. He excelled in all flying courses he attended in Canada, France and the USA. He attended Air Command and Staff College  at Maxwell AFB, Air University in Alabama, USA and he was awarded Fellowship Air War College at Pakistan Air Force, Karachi. He had served in various appointments in the RMAF including as Commanding Officer of VVIP Flying Squadron, Base Commander RMAF Subang, Inspector General of the RMAF, Air Training Commander, No. 1 Air Division Commander and Air Operations Commander. With his wide  experience and safety standard achieved throughout his flying role, he made history in the RMAF for actively involved in operational flying duties right up to the rank of  a General.

Lt. Gen. Datuk Md. Hanif also serves as a director in other companies.

Hasnah binti Mohd Salleh was appointed to the Board of Directors of SPK on 4 August 1999. A recipient of the Colombo Plan Scholarship (1963-1967), she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from University of Victoria, New Zealand and a Diploma of Teaching from Secondary Teachers' College, Auckland, New Zealand.

She served as a secondary school teacher for 3 years before joining University of Malaya as an administrator and served for 27 years.

Abdul Rahman bin Teh Mohamed was appointed to the Board of Directors of SPK on 4 August 1999. He holds a Bachelor of Economics Degree, majoring in Analytical Economics from the University of Malaya.

Upon graduation, he joined United Planting Association of Malaysia in 1976 and retired as Chief Executive in 1999. He sits on the Board of several private companies within the SPK Group.




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