Our Commitment

To generate wealth and progress through our businesses by delivering world class performance in all that we choose to undertake. - SPK's Mission

Saiful Aznir bin Shahabudin
Group Chief Executive Officer

"Our mission serves to give us a sense of purpose in that it defines our objective for existence. It has three components.

The first is to generate wealth and progress. This highlights our commitment to create wealth for all our stakeholders which include our customers, shareholders, employees, partners and suppliers. And our businesses, which are the means by which we create wealth, must at the same time be beneficial to society at large. Our activities must bring about progress, to all whose lives we touch.

The second component of our mission embodies our dedication to deliver world class performance. We conduct our activities based on best practice standards regardless of whether we are operating within Malaysia or beyond. And the results we deliver, will withstand competitive challenges from any rivals, local or foreign.

The last component of our mission captures the element of choice. We pro-actively choose the businesses and activities to undertake. All businesses that we undertake must fulfill the first two components of our mission, else we will not invest in the business or we will divest out of it."


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