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February 2005Temerloh Hospital now a benchmark

4 Feb 2005
The Star

TEMERLOH: The new Temerloh Hospital will become a benchmark model for all hospitals to be built in the country.

Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said the RM480mil hospital, which was the first “e-hospital” to be built under the Seventh Malaysia Plan, was constructed with specially-designed materials to ensure the building was user-friendly and that staff and patients could get easy and immediate access to medical facilities.

“The Temerloh Hospital is one of 33 e-hospital that will be built in the country, which will have world-standard facilities.

“its construction materials, such as the floor tiles, walls and ceiling had been specially designed to provide a calming effect for everyone.” Samy Vellu said in his speech at the ceremony to officiate the completion of the project here yesterday.

His speech was read by the ministry’s deputy secretary-general (I) Datuk Syed Jamal Syed Jaafar.

Samy Vellu said e-hospitals of the future would have fully automated equipment handled by a computer system called “Total Hospital Information System”.

Health Ministy secretary-general Datuk Ismail Adam told reporters later that the hospital’s design concept took into consideration that hospitals should have a pleasant and therapeutic environment for the staff and the public.

He said 750 doctors and staff of Mentakab Hospital, which has been in operation since the 1920s, will be converted into a training centre and a polyclinic,” he added.

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